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Attractions Saint Petersburg St.Petersburg Санкт-Петербург

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Peter the Great founded the Peter & Paul Fortress in 1703. It is the oldest building in Saint Petersburg. Old pictures of the fortress. Location on Google map here.

Directly across the Neva from the Peter and Paul Fortress is one of the oldest buildings in Saint Petersburg, the Admiralty Old picture of the building.
Location on Google map here.

To the west of Admiralty is Senate Square, formerly Decembrists Square. The statue of riding Peter the Great is situated in the Senate Square. Old pictures of the bronze horseman. Location on Google map here.

The first house built in the new Saint Petersburg was the cabin of Peter the Great. He wanted a stone house but he did not have enough money. Instead he painted the walls as if the house would be made of bricks. Location on Google map here.

On the other side of the river from the wooden cabin of Peter the Great there is the historical summer garden. Summer in the park. Autumn in the park. Winter in the park. Location on Google map here.

The Winter Palace was built for the daughter of Peter the Great. It was the main residence of the Russian Tsars. Old pictures. Today it is part of the Hermitage public museums. Pictures of Hermitage. Location on Google map here.

The cape of Vasilievsky Island, the largest island in the Neva, is called Strelka or Spit. It is situated across the Neva from the Winter Palace. The stock exchange building, the Kunstkamera and two rostral columns with prows of enemy ships are located here. Bourse in the old days. 360 degrees view of Strelka. Location on Google map here.

On the southern side of the Winter Palace is the main square of the city, Palace Square. In the middle of the square stands the Alexander Column, a monument to victory over Napoleon. Pictures of Palace Square. Location on Google map here.

A few steps from the Palace Square through the Triumphal Arch is Nevsky Prospect, the main avenue of Saint Petersburg. Walking 3 blocks by Bolshaja Morskaya ulitsa starting from the other side of Nevsky Prospect, you are on the St. Isaac Square. St. Isaac's Cathedral is located on it. Location on Google map here.

On Nevsky you will see Kazan Cathedral or The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan. Old picture of the Kazan Cathedral. Location on Google map here.

Church on Spilled Blood can be viewed from the bridge over the Kanal Griboyedova on Nevsky Prospekt. Old picture of the Church on Spilled Blood. Location on Google map here.

A few steps further on Nevsky and on the left hand side there is seen the arts square. On the arts square stands a statue of Alexander Pushkin. The square is surrounded by the Russian Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, The Mikhailovsky Theatre and Grand Hall of St.Petersburg Academic Philharmonia. Location on Google map here.

There are many beautiful palaces close to Nevsky Prospect. Images of palaces of Saint Petersburg.

Northeast of Nevsky Prospect is the Smolny Institute, Bolshevik headquarters during the October revolution. Old picture of Smolny Institute. Smolny Convent is located nearby. Location on Google map here.

The Alexander Nevsky Lavra is situated at the end of Nevsky Prospect. Old picture of the monastery. Location on Google map here.

Cruiser Aurora gave the signal to storm the Winter Palace during the Bolshevik revolution. It is now a museum, located a short distance upstream from the cabin of Peter the Great, close to the nearby Nakhimov navy school. Images of the cruiser. Location on Google map here.

Saint Petersburg is the city of White Nights. Unfortunately they only last a short time, usually from June to beginning of July. Already starting from May the nights are bright. But the brightest period starts in June. Beliye Nochi is caused by northerly geographical location of the city.

It is truly romantic to walk along the banks of the city's rivers and canals in almost broad daylight any time of the day. International arts festival, the white nights, is organized during this season. Saint Petersburg is especially fascinating by night at this time of the year.

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